Major League Balls, OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Pilot Patch

  • $ 10.95

Designed by former 1-17 Air Cavalry Squadron Kiowa Pilot, Sam Brown, to recognize the service and dedication of fellow members of the Kiowa Community: Pilots, Crew Chiefs and Avionics Technicians.

"This is an old design from ‘09 and it’s from my first bird, the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. The KW was an armed scout helicopter that was a fan favorite of the ground guys for providing CAS. We could carry a mix of .50 cal machine guns, any type of 2.75” rockets, and Hellfires. We were the slowest airframe on the battlefield with the shortest loiter time, but we got the closest to the fight. Many of the pilots in the left seat had confirmed kills from shooting at bad guys with their M-4s from the left seat. The ball on top of the rotor system was our targeting pod. We could hover behind a building, stick the pod up and stay hidden. So, because of the ball on top and because we got so close to the fight, we had a saying in our Army aviation community that KW pilots were the ones with the balls." Erik Schuster, fomer OH-58 D Kiowa Warrior Pilot.

3" wide x 2" tall, 3D and glow in the dark detail, hook back.