Mission 263 70th Anniv Memorial Patch

Mission 263 70th Anniv Memorial Patch

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On 29 August 1944, an entire seven-ship formation of B-17s, being flown by the 20th Bomb Squadron, was shot down over what is now Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The 2nd Bomb Group (what is now the 2nd Bomb Wing) consisted of the 20th, 49th, 96th and 429th Squadrons. In honor of the loss and sacrifice on that day 70 years ago, a commemorative sortie was flown by a four-ship of B-52s from the 2nd and 307th Bomb Wings. One B-52 from the 20th, 96th, 49th and 343d represented the formation of each respective B-17 Squadron.  This patch has been flown on the B-52, by me, along with members of the 49th Bomb Squadron in commemoration of this dark day in 2nd Bomb Group history.

100% embroidered, 4.25" diameter, merrowed border, Velcro sewn to back, corresponding soft attachment material included, same size as patch. Outstanding quality.