RAIDR21 Memorial Tribute Patch

RAIDR21 Memorial Tribute Patch

  • $ 9.95

This patch is a recreation of a patch I made in 2008 shortly after the loss of this crew. This patch has the names of each crew member whereas the original did not.  I assume those who know what this patch is don't need to be told about the significance of it.  If you're not familiar, please research it if you're so inclined. I am offering this at a reasonable pricing level so all who want it can acquire the patch. The profit will be used to fund an additional memorial project dedicated to the Crew of RAIDR21, similar to the granite piece I did last year (pictured) for the five year recognition of the incident.
This patch is only available here and at the BomberPatches website.  I am the designer and producer of this patch. The patch is 100% embroidered, 4 5/8" diameter, merrowed border, Velcro sewn to back.